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BIO5 Postdoctoral Fellowship

Internal Submission Deadline:
Award Cycle:
Maximum Applications Allowed Per Applicant:

The BIO5 Postdoctoral Fellowship is a newly established (FY19) internal funding mechanism and recognition for outstanding postdoctoral researchers at the University of Arizona who are engaging in multi-disciplinary research projects aligned with the foci of the BIO5 Institute. These grants are specifically designed to support and enhance the independent research goals of BIO5 postdoctoral researchers, showcase their research at a BIO5 Research Symposium via short talks and/or poster sessions, and to facilitate a “forward thinking” mindset by requiring each fellow to form a three-member mentoring committee that will help in grant applications, career advice, and job talk preparations by providing funds for additional research training or experience pertinent to their current postdoctoral appointments.

The following are examples of activities that are allowable for support under the BIO5 Postdoctoral Fellowship mechanism:

  • Funds to attend a professional development workshop or webinar to gain additional research training not available on campus
  • Funds to travel to another institution to learn a new research technique or approach
  • Funds to travel to a conference relevant to the postdoctoral fellow’s research
  • Funds for a research project under the primary postdoctoral mentor

Expected Outcomes: Awardees are expected to have met with their mentoring committee before July 1, 2019. Award recipients must provide a mentoring committee summary of discussion meeting (250-word maximum) by August 1st of 2019. This statement should include future career plans development and a summary of intra and extramural funding applications being pursued. Additionally, BIO5 Postdoctoral Fellows are expected to present their research for a BIO5 Research Symposium in the year of awarded fellowship.

Applicants please note that the deadline for applications is Friday, September 14, 2018 at 4:30pm. The system will not accept applications after this date and time. To ensure that your proposal is accepted and that there are no technical difficulties it is strongly recommended that you submit your proposal no later than noon on the 14th.

Solicitation Specific Requirements:

  1. Eligibility: Applicants must (a) be no more than five years since earning a doctoral degree, (b) have a Postdoctoral Research Associate (PRA) appointment through a principal investigator in BIO5 at the time the application is submitted, and (c) have been a postdoctoral scholar at the UA for at least 12 months as of January 2, 2019 [for postdoctoral scholars who do not hold a PRA appointment, please inquire about eligibility before submitting materials by emailing], and (d) good standing with the University of Arizona (i.e. safety training and ethics training up to date)
  2. Review Criteria: Reviews will be based on:
    • Overall merit of the proposal for enhancing the applicant's research skills
    • Strength of advancement of applicant's independence and career goals
    • Described mentoring plan
    • Mentor's letter of support
  3. Application:
    • Narrative: 800-word maximum, that explains:
      • The proposed research training or project (nature, duration, logistics, etc.) that the funds will be used to support;
      • How the research training or project will enhance your independence;
      • How successful completion of the research training or project will advance your career;
      • Suggested mentoring plan with mentoring committee;
      • Note that proposals should be written for a general scientific audience. Avoid use of technical language when possible so that reviewers from a broad range of disciplines can understand the content.
    • Biosketch: use NSF, NIH, or agency style suitable to your area of research
    • Letter of Support from applicant's primary UA postdoctoral mentor. The letter must include confirmation of the PRA through the full period of the BIO5 Postdoctoral Fellowship.
    • Budget (up to $5,000 request) and budget justification for items such as:
      • Workshop / Conference registration fee
      • Travel expenses (airfare, lodging, meals)
      • Software or hardware (as allowable by UA policy)
      • Society dues (as allowable by UA policy)
      • Supplies
      • Note that the budget may be adjusted based on the evaluation and availability of funds.