Genome Biology


The Arizona Genomics Institute (AGI), located at the University of Arizona’s BIO5 Institute, and affiliated with the School of Plant Sciences, offers critical genomics services through our AGI Sequencing Service Center. With over 25 years of research experience in genome biology, the team of professional scientists readily helps individual PIs, and scientific teams, to achieve specific objectives that require a high level of skill. One of many expert services included is the isolation and quality determination of HMW DNA and RNA from plants and many other organisms (e.g. microbes & animals). 

The Pacific Biosciences (Pacbio) Sequel instrument is unparalleled in its ability to produce ultra-long reads (up to 60kb) with high-throughput (5-9 Gb/SMRTcell) which are useful for genome, transcriptome and methylome sequencing.


Over the past year AGI has used the PacBio Sequel instrument for dozens of in-house projects including the sequencing and assembly of more than 8 high-quality plant genomes (300Mb - 2Gb), and more than 5 Drosophila genomes. In addition, we have also sequenced several bacterial genomes, single BAC and targeted BAC pools. Using PacBio's Iso-Seq methods, sequencing full-length cDNA is routine. The results from all of these experiments have been astounding.


Given our recent experience with the PacBio RSII and Sequel instruments, as well as our 25 year history in genome biology, genomics and sequencing (see AGI publications), AGI is able to empower the University of Arizona and beyond with PacBio long-read sequencing capabilities as an Approved Pacific Biosciences Sequence Provider.

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