BIO5 scientists are at the forefront of collaborative research

Bold solutions & better tomorrows

Innovations result from thinking about challenges in new ways and translating discoveries to the marketplace.

Collaborative teams

Working together

The many challenges our society faces today are very difficult. No single scientist can do it alone. It takes collaborative teams to develop targeted cancer drugs, understand Alzheimer's disease, prevent and cure asthma and diabetes, develop more resistant crops, and create more nutritious food.

Thinking in new ways

Solving tough challenges

Better medicine, health, food, and technology are the result of scientists from a variety of disciplines working together and inspiring one another to think in new ways. Working together is helping us to change the world.

Fostering creativity

Providing a space to expand minds

The BIO5 Institute fosters individual creativity by some of the best researchers at the UA, and then takes it a step further by facilitating collaboration and teamwork among this exceptional group of scientists.