Supporting teachers

BIO5 program cultivates STEM education.



The BIOTECH Project brings biotechnology and molecular biology activities to middle and high school classrooms. We also provide equipment and materials support for teachers to conduct independent classroom activities. Visit BIOTECH for more details.

BIO5 Media Facility

The BIO5 Media Facility offers consistently high-quality research materials including buffers and cell cultures at significant cost savings. Learn more about our resources.

Learn About KEYS

KEYS summer research internships provide hands-on opportunities for talented Arizona high school students to work side-by-side with renowned UA scientists. Visit the KEYS website and request a presentation.

Professional Development

BIO5 supports professional development opportunities for Arizona teachers. Contact Uwe Hilgert to learn more.

BIO5 In Your Classroom

BIO5 faculty, staff, and ambassadors participate in many community events. Request participation here.

Request BIO5 Speaker

Our scientists enjoy sharing information about their research. Request a speaker to present to your group.

Visit BIO5

We welcome visitors to the beautiful BIO5 Institute in the Thomas W. Keating Bioresearch Building. Request a guided tour.