Gerald Maggiora joins the CADD group at BIO5 Oro Valley Drug Discovery and Development Center


Gerald Maggiora has joined the Computer Aided Drug Discovery Group (CADD) at BIO5 Oro Valley Drug Discovery and Development Center. Dr. Maggiora brings over thirty years of academic/industry experience in the field of computer-aided drug design, protein structure-sequence relationships and analysis of high-throughput screening experiments. The addition of Dr. Maggiora will strengthen what is already a strong CADD group.

According to Dr. Hulme, co-director of BIO5 Oro Valley, “Dr Maggiora brings an immense wealth of experience in cheminformatics and computer-aided drug design to BIO5 Oro Valley. Moreover, Dr Maggiora is a widely renowned international thought-leader and will significantly strengthen the in-house capabilities of the Computer Aided Drug Discovery Group (CADD) which supports both discovery efforts targeting cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. With substantial prior industrial and academic experience, he is perfectly suited to the hybrid academic-industrial approach to drug discovery being cultivated at BIO5 Oro Valley”.

BIO5 Oro Valley is the hub of translational drug discovery and development efforts at the University of Arizona. Representing a unique innovation cell, BIO5 Oro Valley has successfully merged key academic responsibilities of teaching and training future generations of scientists with the significant goal of creating advanced therapeutics for the patients in need. Dr. Maggiora’s expertise will enhance and accelerate advances at the center. “The discovery of new drugs is a complex task that benefits significantly from a multi-disciplinary approach. By combining expertise from the pharmaceutical industry with that of universities affords the possibility for new synergies that will advance the discovery process,” said Dr. Maggiora.