Empowering patient-specific clinical treatment strategies


Bioimaging & Enabling Technologies

The Challenge: Imaging has revolutionized our understanding of biology from the molecular to the human scale, elucidating both structure and function. The limits of our understanding of the basis of disease are largely a function of the limits of our observational imaging tools.Through application of rigorous theory, ever-advancing source and detector technology, and improved methods of sample preparation or accommodation of in vivo subjects, bioimaging is enabling fundamental new discoveries in areas such as brain connectivity and function, as well as empowering patient-specific clinical treatment strategies.

UA Advantage: BIO5 will leverage UA’s tremendous strengths in image and optical sciences, imaging technology development, imaging methods, and clinical translation to further enable new scientific discoveries and improve clinical outcomes. The faculty who support biomedical imaging have established strong extramurally funded pre-clinical and clinical research programs which have fostered multi-disciplinary collaborations within the UA (e.g. optical sciences, biomedical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, psychology, physiological sciences, speech and hearing sciences, applied mathematics, cancer biology, and chemistry), as well as with other universities, industry, and the military. BIO5 serves as the hub and intellectual center for expanding collaborations and cultivating tremendous opportunities for growth and expansion in the increasingly important areas of molecular imaging, multi-modality imaging, and clinical translation. Research also plays a critical role in advancing the fields of cancer, cardiovascular, neurological, musculoskeletal, cross-sectional and non-invasive biomarker imaging technology, with the ultimate goal of translating basic science innovations and developments into clinical applications that impact patient care. This research is guided by the vision of integrating physical science and technology development with the clinical mission of the UA and pushing the frontiers of medical imaging technology, which will advance new diagnostics, technologies, and spinout companies.