George Tsaprailis

Research Interests

Dr. Tsaprailis was recruited in 2001 as Director of the Proteomics Shared Resource and, in 2006, was also appointed Director of the Arizona Proteomics Consortium. He holds a PhD in biochemistry with significant work experience in biological MS (especially LC-MS) and with significant training and expertise in mechanisms of gas-phase peptide fragmentation in a mass spectrometer using a variety of activation methods. As a result of his post doctoral work, new insights into peptide fragmentation mechanisms were obtained and new rules for peptide / protein sequencing based on tandem MS have been incorporated into database searching algorithms. His knowledge in fundamental and applied biological MS gives him the necessary capabilities to evaluate and interpret MS data for users. In addition, Dr. Tsaprailis’ training in biochemistry has proven beneficial, as he is familiar with biochemical techniques used by UACC investigators and how these techniques complement the proteomics approach to protein analysis. He has demonstrated leadership in obtaining extramural funding to support the proteomics efforts of the UACC, SWEHSC, and other units on campus. He has also successfully acquired new proteomics instrumentation for the Proteomics Shared Resource through competitive instrumentation grants (4000 QTRAP – funded in 2006, QTOF Premier – funded in 2008, and LTQ Orbitrap Velos – funded in 2010).Dr. Tsaprailis teaches Proteomics every fall in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology and also holds regural mini-proteomics workshopd for UACC Members. He is also a an Assistant Research Scientist at the BIO5 Institute.