Gayatri Vedantam

Research Interests

Dr. Vedantam’s research interests are broadly focused on pathogenic mechanisms leading to antibiotic-associated diarrhea, and include host-pathogen studies of the diarrheagenic agent Clostridium difficile. C. difficile infection is currently a leading healthcare-acquired disease in the USA, incurring over $3 billion in treatment and containment costs. Dr. Vedantam’s laboratory uses multiple genomic and proteomic approaches to study C. difficile pathogenesis, including, but not limited to, automated iTRAQ-based comparative proteomics, and genomic analyses. Her laboratory also offers hospital surveillance and typing services, and a genetic manipulation program for clostridial pathogens. These efforts have identified attractive targets for interventions aimed at eliminating C. difficile from the gut, and are a focus of translational research goals. Dr. Vedantam is also involved in multiple teaching efforts, and offers a highly popular, upper-division, laboratory-based course on bacterial pathogens. The strengths she brings to any research endeavor are based on her expertise in genetic, mechanistic and animal model studies. Keywords: Infectious Disease, healthcare-associated infections, bacterial pathogenesis