Erik S Knudsen

Research Interests

The laboratory is focused on the impact of cell cycle deregulation and loss of tumor suppressors on the etiology and progression of cancer and as the basis for novel therapeutic interventions. This work spans biochemical investigation of basic features of proliferative control through the analysis of mouse models and clinical specimens in relationship to several diseases. Work in breast cancer is focused on delineating how genetic events perturbing cell cycle control drive diverse subtypes of disease and alter patient prognosis. Parallel work aims to restore anti-proliferative mechanisms using CDK-inhibitors to control tumorigenic growth or alternatively exploit cell cycle deregulation leading to mitotic/replicative catastrophe and selective tumor cell death. In gastrointestinal cancers the group is focused on pathways that drive aberrant proliferation and bypass genomic integrity checkpoints to initiate disease. This work is complemented by analysis of the genetic features of disease through the use of next generation sequencing approaches. From this information robust models are being developed to define new precision-guided approaches to therapeutic intervention.