Dianne K Patterson

Research Interests

I do neuroimaging, specifically fMRI and DTI. I am especially interested in brain networks and developments in neuroimaging software. We use independent component analysis to identify separate networks in the brain related to processing and learning language. My colleagues and I worked to improve fMRI analysis, display and data sharing options. Beginning with a web-based workbench designed for the dynamic exploration of map-based data, we worked to develop brain maps that could be similarly explored and demonstrated that this approach yielded results similar to those achieved by much more laborious and manual exploration techniques. This has improved our ability to streamline analyses, extract insights from our data and share data online. I have also worked on DWI analysis of the language system for the past 8 years. This has resulted in contributions to tract analyses (Wilson et al., 2011) and to the development of a novel technique (Patterson et al., 2015) to extract not only information about the properties of each tract but also information about the size and location of connected grey matter regions. We continue to explore the implications of these new measures. Keywords: fMRI, DWI, Language, Neuroimaging, MRI