Anthony J Muscat

Research Interests

Dr. Anthony Muscat's group's research interests are in surface chemistry, specifically the chemical processes used to clean, etch, or deposit on the surfaces of solids, including 2D planes and 3D nanostructures. An understanding of surface chemistry can be used to optimize existing materials used in microelectronics, catalysis, or solar energy conversion and develop new materials with unique properties. The primary research goals are learning how chemical reactions take place on surfaces and how the atom or molecular group terminating a surface affects the types of structures that can be built on it or using it as a building block. Understanding the reaction mechanism provides a means to rationally design interfaces for specific purposes. Current research projects include 1) engineering the surfaces of semiconductors (GaAs, InAs, InGaAs, CuInS2) for advanced electronic, optoelectronic, and solar devices, 2) synthesis and self-assembly of nanoparticles such as quantum dots (clusters of atoms 1-5 nm in diameter), 3) self-assembled monolayer (SAM) formation, and 4) dealloying metal alloys using liquids and supercritical fluids to make nanoporous noble metal films and composites. We approach these problems by using experiments and modeling to understand the mechanisms of the surface chemical reactions that are at the heart of these technologies.